February 23, 2021
As a used car dealer, there is a huge benefit in tapping into the private party market, but sifting through dozens of listings to find reliable sellers and quality used vehicles is time-consuming. Thankfully, there are platforms such as VETTX that make this process much easier and less time consuming for you and your team. Want to learn more about how VETTX can help you find high-quality used vehicles in your local area? Want to learn how we can help you sell MORE of these vehicles FASTER? This post will explain the benefits our software provides and how it can help your used car department increase profits.

Car Dealer Software Guarantees High-Quality Vehicles

As a car dealer, you want to keep your customers happy by providing them with high-quality vehicles. VETTX can help you find used vehicles that are currently in demand and guaranteed to sell quickly. We also use industry standard tools like carfax to check the vehicle history and find out how many previous owners there have been, how many accidents, etc.

Vehicles That Match Your Exact Parameters

Another considerable advantage the private party market has over auctions is the ability to provide you with the exact specifications you are looking for. VETTX software helps you share your stock with other sellers then analyze the lucrative vehicles in the market. This allows you to stock well-moving brands that will ensure you meet your customers' needs. 

Finding Cars With Unique Features

In order to sell more cars faster, you need to have vehicles that are in demand and stand out from the standard selection that other dealerships in your area are stocking. Look for unique features such as custom rims, window tinting, custom painting, and more. These features will make a significant difference in how quickly you are able to move these cars off your lot. 

unique used carsProviding Used Car Guarantees

Providing your customers with a vehicle guarantee will help to attract more customers. However, you must be careful to ensure that the vehicle's mileage is not beyond the NSW recommended standards. An effective car dealership software will help you monitor your vehicle status and determine if a particular car is worthy of having a warranty. 

Efficient Acquisition Channels

Having an efficient supply of quality cars is vital to your business as a car dealership. Acquiring cars can also be daunting as the supply shortage continues to loom over the market. However, the VETTX platform can provide you with a useful private party acquisition channel to ensure you have adequate stock from the private sellers. 

Sell More Cars Faster Using VETTX

The key to running a successful used car department lies in installing a proper inventory management system. For you to overcome the market challenges that lie with acquiring and maintaining vehicles from private sellers, the VETTX platform provides you with crucial inventory management capabilities that will set your business rolling. contact us today to get hooked up with the best car deals for your business.

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